La Feria


The Theatre Fair of Castilla y León/ Ciudad Rodrigo will become again the main theatre showcase in Western Europe, from 20th to 24th august 2019, when 21th theatre fair edition takes off. Ciudad Rodrigo is an ineludible appointment in the performing arts field, which is supported by more than 250 professional entities and more than 33.000 people, who attend the latest proposals coming from 40 different companies which perform different formats, genres and languages for different kinds of audiences.

The Consejería de Cultura y Turismo de la Junta de Castilla y León organizes the Theatre Fair of Castilla y León, together with Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Rodrigo, Diputación Provincial de Salamanca and Asociación Cívitas; with the aim of encouraging strategies for promoting cultural industries and stimulating the performing arts market (especially in Castilla y León, Extremadura and Portugal). For as many as 20 editions, the Theatre Fair has been consolidated as one important meeting point for the field, where the strong ties we hold with the Portuguese market and with the audience are happily highlighted.

Let’s say that Theatre Fair of Castilla y León is a general Fair, where newness is privileged so that it holds any kind of performing arts proposals, opening a wide range from the most conventional up to the most risky ones: diversity and involvement with the field are our hallmark. The creative talent is an engine that helps us to grow. One of the most important areas of our programming is targeted to children and families; likewise, a third of it encompasses street arts for any kind of audience and open air. The Theatre Fair is developed in 15 different spaces and approximately a 30% of the companies belong to our region, 15% are foreign companies, and the reminder ones come from different regions in Spain.

The Fair is stated as a public service for stimulating the cultural industries in our region, it stimulates the performing arts market in Spain and Portugal and helps to enrich our territory. Thanks to all the people who made that happen.

We wait for you at the 22nd Theater Fair!